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We specialize in Organic treatments including deep root feeding & organic fertilization treatments. See how we can help you make the switch to Organics today!

Who is OrgLawn

Long before OrgLawn became the company that it is today, we were GreenPro, a company born in Houston, TX in 2007. Through hard work and listening to our clients, we managed to improve one yard at a time. Since 2021, we have been operating as a franchise, giving local franchisees the ability to continue providing quality advice and service to countless homeowners.

We specialize in Aeration , Organic Fertilization Practices and Deep Root Feeding. Our methods involve using as few chemicals as possible to achieve the highest microbial activity in your soil as possible. Making your lawn healthy is about understanding your lawn and listening to what it is telling you. Let us help you achieve your goals today.

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OrgLawn Healthy Lawns provides a range of lawn care services which can provide your lawn with what it needs to become and stay healthy throughout the seasons! We specialize in lawn care fertilization in Katy, Texas.

Our top services include Lawn Aeration, Organic Fertilization and Deep Root Feeding for the proper care of your trees and shrubs.


Our Recent Projects

We are now officially OrgLawn, formally branded as Green Pro. Same owner, Same great service, New Name.