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Aeration in Richmond, TX

What is lawn aeration?

Lawn aeration is the secret weapon to a healthy lawn. Aeration involves “coring” the lawn with a machine leaving holes in as many places as possible. This allows the roots to breath and allows essential nutrients into the soil.

Depending on the salt and toxin buildup, as well as organic matter percentage in the soil, you may need to core aerate and top dress your lawn multiple times over 2-3 years. You should shoot for 5% organic matter in your soil. Most soils have less than 1%. Lawns that are made up of mostly clay soil will most likely take 4-5 applications. Your beds and trees love the compost as well but they prefer the compost to be more fungal (more bark and twigs) vs the lawn enjoying more of a bacterial mixture that is finer in nature.

OrgLawn provides aeration services in Richmond,TX and surrounding areas.

By core aerating your lawn, you provide the following benefits to your lawn and its root system:

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Does your lawn require work?

A healthy lawn starts with the quality of your soil. Since the soil is your landscape’s foundation, your lawn’s success is dependent on the quality and fertility of the soil it depends on for life. The soil’s organic content, water retention, and amount of nutrients available are all dependent on the quality and structure of the soil.



Studies have shown that even poor soils have shown an amazing improvement by the simple addition of a quality Organic compost. Adding an application of compost or high quality active microbial organic fertilizer are positive steps in the right direction to improving your soils foundation.



If you are looking for faster improvement and jump start to your organic transformation, aeration.

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