Ants Removal

Kinds of Ants

Acrobat ants usually live outside in nests within decaying or dead wood. But, the pests might invade houses through foundation cracks or gaps that surround pipes and wiring. In addition, tree branches that grow close to or in close contact with a house offer an entryway. Once inside, acrobat colonies nest inside woodwork and insulation, and make their way into pantries looking for stored foods.

Houses that have a previous carpenter or termite ant infestations also are at risk for such ants. The insects frequently nest inside the wood which already contains water-damaged areas or insect tunnels.

Allegheny ants nest inside open spaces that have an abundance of sunshine and build huge mounds designed of soil particles they excavate from tunnels underground and bring over to the soil surface. Household residents who have ant mounds on their lawn might see the ants crawling inside by accident. Ants seldom enter residences. They’ll feed on other insect species and have little to no interest in human sources of food and seldom enter structures unless acceptable prey are found inside.

Argentine ants are an invasive ant species notorious for displacing native ants. They’re also among the most troublesome house-infesting insects. Moist spaces, such as mulch, underneath debris on the ground, beneath piles of refuse and house foundations, attract these types of ants. Once the weather cools in the fall, Argentine ants might use cracks and gaps around your house to take shelter.

Other types of ants include Thief Ant, Pharaoh Ant, Pavement Ant, Odorous Ant, Moisture Ant, Harvester Ant, Ghost Ant, Fire Ant, Field Ant, Citronella Ant, Carpenter Ant, and Big-headed Ant.

Ants: How did I get them?

Poor sanitation is one of the main causes of ant infestations. Food residue on countertops, leaving dirty dishes inside the sink, crumbs on your floor and trash not emptied frequently enough offer sources of food for meal-seeking ant species. What begins with a couple of foragers entering a house may turn into a major issue if ants set up colonies on lawns, in walls, or beneath house foundations.

How to Eliminate Ants

The exterminators at OrgLawn are trained to assist in managing ants and similar insects. Since each home or building is different, your technician will create a personalized plan for your circumstances.


Keeping ants out of buildings and homes is a continuous process and not a one-time process. OrgLawn’s solution is an ongoing cycle of 3 crucial measures — Assess, Implement, and then Monitor.


OrgLawn will offer the proper solution to keep ant species in their place…out of your business, or home.

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