Recommended by GardenLine’s Randy Lemmon

Recommended by GardenLine’s Randy Lemmon

Late Winter/Early Spring

Late Winter/Early Spring With the temperatures starting to fluctuate in late January, early February, now is the time to put down your pre-emergent. By the time soil temperatures reach 58 degrees, weed seeds will start to germinate. Why put down pre-emergent? Well, if you don’t, springtime weeds will be free to grow along with your… Continue reading Late Winter/Early Spring

Winter Time Lawn Duties

Winter Time Lawn Duties Winter time duties for your lawn doesn’t involve a lot of work! You’ve worked hard for your lawn all spring and summer long. Now is the time to do less, spend less, and enjoy more family time. Watering: The biggest thing to prep for cooler weather is to turn off your… Continue reading Winter Time Lawn Duties

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