Because a house mouse thrives under a broad array of conditions, is very cautious and secretive, it is difficult to control. These pests are seldom apt to bite someone; however, their existence may be harmful to human’s health.


Mice urine and droppings contaminate food and if their population isn’t controlled, house mice may cause contamination issues in spaces in which they nest. Diseases which may be transmitted by house mice involve food poisoning and lymphocytic choriomeningitis.


Almost every rodent problem, which includes mice and rats, require using an IPM (Integrated Pest Management Program) approach. So, the first thing your Green Pro Pest Control technician will do is properly identify the mouse pest and create a treatment strategy that’s efficient and effective for the unique species causing the issues.


Depending upon your specific circumstance, the Green Pro Pest Control expert might use both chemical and non-chemical methods.


Some efficient non-chemical control processes your technician will suggest involve:


  • Exclusion – sealing sites off which permit mice to enter a home or business.
  • Sanitation and debris – The exterminator will suggest the use of both outside and inside sanitation steps to assist in minimizing available water and food which supports and attracts the mouse population.
  • Traps – Most times your treatment strategy will involve the use of traps and additional mechanical devices that remove or kill mice.
  • Baits – The exterminator also may choose to employ chemical products, like rodent baits, which are formulated to destroy mice.

A roof rat is the main reservoir of plague all throughout the world. Infected fleas historically have transmitted severe plagues from rats to human beings. Bubonic plague scourged Europe multiple times all throughout history. There still are plague outbreaks inside the U.S. and worldwide today.

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