Mosquito Control

What are the Breeding Conditions for Mosquitoes?

If you’re looking for a mosquito control plan, the first thing you need to do is check if there are conditions in your home which are contributing to the problem and population. The main breeding condition that a mosquito uses is standing water.

There may be various kinds of water. Females lay their larvae on top of the water, and it’ll tend to float above and is actually half-submerged inside the water. The most common kinds of water the larvae are discovered include floodwater, permanent water, and water that is found in containers- like buckets, tires, kid pools, birdbaths, clogged gutters, tree holes, and more.

What are Some Mosquito-Borne Diseases?

These insects spread diseases that are mainly curable. However, some mosquitos may carry fatal diseases. The following mosquito-borne illnesses may impact a human as much they impact a host body. The most typical hosts include mammals, birds, and humans.


West Nile Virus – The West Nile Virus has been a widely known virus in the U.S. since 1999. It has put an end to the life of hundreds of human beings and left thousands ill.


Zika Virus – these insects which carry the Zika virus usually can be found in warmer climates, because they do not have the ability to endure cooler temperatures.

What Does a Mosquitoes Diet Consist Of?

These insects survive on a diet of blood, which they suck from a host. Mosquitoes primary hosts are animals and humans. As the human body expels carbon dioxide, the female detects this and heads toward you. Then, the mosquitoes land on bare skin, in order for them to easily pierce the skin then suck blood. That process of piercing isn’t considered to be an actual bite, because it doesn’t use any teeth in the process. While piercing, the insect sucks the blood in, and before it pulls out, inserts its saliva into the human body; and is what minimizes the piercing’s soreness.

In addition, the saliva contains natural blood thinners which remain inside the body of the mosquito to assist in fighting against blood clotting. There are some mosquitoes which carry a virus and additional diseases inside their saliva gland, and while they’re leaving the saliva behind; they may also inject you with virus and illness. They suck as much blood that their body is able to hold then fly away from a host in order for them to digest their meal and lay their eggs.

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